About Us


Our Mission & Goals

The Instituto de Cultura Hispánica de Corpus Christi is a cultural organization created by citizens of South Texas in 1976 who have a common interest in the enhancement and promotion of Spanish culture.

The immediate goals of the organization are the following:

  • Propagate the culture and history of Spain and Hispanic America in the United States;
  • Increase as much as possible the cultural exchange among residents of this country;
  • Build up the existing friendships among the people of Spain, Hispanic America, and the United States, procuring a better understanding of each other’s characteristics, and
  • Reinforce and increase knowledge of Hispanic culture in the United States, thus contributing to a better appreciation of its art, literature cultural background, and folklore; and
  • To promote education with its educational center and donation of scholarships through its endowment plan established at Del Mar College and Texas A & M University-Corpus Christi.

The promotion of culture is fundamentally a task of stressing an understanding of the different aspects of life within different nationalities, observing whatever positive contributions they may offer to human civilization, and developing sympathetic feeling towards them.

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Board of Directors

The goals of the Instituto de Cultura Hispanica de Corpus Christi are to preserve, promote, and share the language, history, and culture of the Hispanic American Community and to build friendships based on knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the different cultures.

Xavier Fonz Gonzales


Gerald A. Padilla

Vice President - Programs

Olga M. Velasquez P.

Vice President - Membership
Olga, her husband and there two children, are members of the Instituto and are new to Corpus Christi. Olga is an experienced Pediatrician- Immunologist who practiced in her home country Venezuela. Olga is currently the manager at the Museum of Hispanic Culture.

Richard Alegria


Arturo Lima

Vice President - Community Relations

Jose Baca

President Elect
Jose is an assistant professor in the Department of Engineering at Texas A&M University. His research interests include the development and integration of modular robots and modular mechatronic systems into different research fields and cross-cutting applications such as in space, industry, medicine, sports, and education. Dr. Baca has been working in the modular robotics field for over 10 years and his work has led to multiple publications in leading conferences and journals, and has organized and co-chaired workshops on his field.

Bill Ibarra

Building Director
Teresa was born in Mexico, is a member of the Instituto and has been president of the Instituto for 3 years. Is the Chief Public Affairs & Business Development Officer at Corpus Christi Convention and Visitors Bureau since 2015

Claudia Lorena Olivares

Vice President - Development

Joe Benavidez


Tony Bonilla